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COVID-19 Announcement: We understand that this is a troubling time, but we are here to ensure that you can continue your journey towards your higher education. We allow you to stay home, get ahead and not slow your education. We have zero service interruptions to our online students. We are open, fully-staffed and working around the clock for the success of our students.


Bachelor of Applied Science

Our student’s success in achieving a two-year degree has inspired us to extend our academic offerings. We now provide students with an opportunity to continue their education at Georgia Military Global Online College and earn a Bachelor of Applied Science. Please keep in mind that an Associate of Applied Science is required before earning a BAS. Below is a chart that outlines which AAS degrees will lead to each BAS degree. We hope to continue expanding our BAS programs in the future.

Accelerated Terms

Our term schedule ensures that we offer you the fastest path to completing your online program.  We have 5 term starts per year, which means you can get started right away and finish your degree faster than a traditional semester based schedule.  Take a look at our term schedule to see how quickly you can get started!