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Georgia Military College has teamed up with Bright Horizons EdAssist Solutions, a tuition assistance network, to provide eligible employees and their families with access to high-quality degree programs at an affordable, partner tuition rate.

This education benefits program makes it easier and more affordable for eligible employees and their families to achieve their educational goals.

Through the EdAssist program, you and your immediate family members can enroll in one of GMC’s distinguished Associate’s and Bachelor’s degree programs and receive special tuition rates.

The partnership between GMC and EdAssist is a great opportunity for eligible employees to advance their education and improve their career prospects. With the reduced tuition rates and waived application fees, earning a degree has never been more accessible or affordable.

Take advantage of this offer today and start working towards your educational and professional goals.




EdAssist Featured Companies

Numerous organizations have partnered with Bright Horizons EdAssist Solutions, granting their employees eligibility to access the wide array of benefits offered by the EdAssist Education Network. These companies include: