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Associates Degree in Social Work

The Social Work associate degree is designed to give students the necessary skills to obtain entry-level employment in public and private social service agencies as well as give them a good understanding of what is involved in the career of a social worker.  Students graduating from this program will have a realistic perspective of what social workers do, so they can determine early-on in their educational career if this occupation is a right fit for them. Graduating students could gain employment as mental health technicians and eligibility determination specialists with an associate degree in social work.

Estimated Annual Cost: $7,785

Cost estimate based on enrollment in 45 annual quarter hours with current Tuition and Fees. Cost includes fees for textbooks and materials.

What You Will Learn:

Students will know the historical development of social services in this country and be able to recognize indicators for treatment and know services available as well as understanding the necessity for inter-agency relationships.

Students will understand what social work is and its role in society today as well as have a good understanding of the National Association of Social Worker’s Code of Ethics, and the Council on Social Work Education’s (CSWE) role in maintaining high standards in education.

Students will gain sufficient self-awareness to eliminate the influence of personal biases and value in working with diverse populations.

Students will have a good understanding of what social workers do as a generalist practitioner, being aware of the broad range of social work settings, levels of practice, and fields of practice.

Program Benefits:

Because more job opportunities are available to those who have advanced degrees, students are highly encouraged to pursue their education in this field with a bachelor’s degree in social work and a master’s degree in social work.

Program Costs:

One of our goals is to offer the highest quality college education at some of the most affordable tuition rates. To understand our tuition rates, please visit the Tuition and Fees Basics Page on our website. Keep in mind that total costs for the program will depend not only on tuition rates, but the amount of quarter hours students must take in order to complete the degree.  This will include courses both in the core and in the major.