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An affordable path to prepare for a career in sociology, this associate’s program transfers to a bachelor’s degree.


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Associates Degree in Sociology

The Sociology program is designed to provide a liberal arts education in a learner-centered environment which will provide students with the opportunity to acquire knowledge about sociological principles and concepts and relate this information to the world while having the opportunity to understand how the scientific method applies and how critical thinking is used to evaluate information.

Estimated Annual Cost: $7,785

Cost estimate based on enrollment in 45 annual quarter hours with current Tuition and Fees. Cost includes fees for textbooks and materials.


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What You Will Learn:

Students will be able to utilize the scientific method in sociology.

Students will be able to explain major theoretical perspectives in sociology.

Students will be able to discuss historical and current trends in sociology.

Program Benefits:

Majoring in sociology provides knowledge and analytical skills needed to pursue a professional degree in law, business, education, health & medicine, social work, or counseling. This degree offers preparation for fields that involve investigative skills and working with diverse people, such as journalism, politics, public relations/marketing, business, human resources or public administration. It provides the strong liberal arts preparation needed for positions in the criminal justice system, business, social service and government. This program is a first step for future graduate work in sociology in order to become a professor or researcher. Students who wish to become an instructor or professor of sociology will need to pursue a master’s degree.  With further education, this degree could lead to jobs in research, resource management, public relations, industrial relations, international business, human rights officer, foreign service officer, affirmative action worker, family planning worker, etc. Information about careers in the field of sociology can be found at the American Sociological Association website:

Program Costs:

One of our goals is to offer the highest quality college education at some of the most affordable tuition rates. To understand our tuition rates, please visit the Tuition and Fees Basics Page on our website. Keep in mind that total costs for the program will depend not only on tuition rates, but the amount of quarter hours students must take in order to complete the degree.  This will include courses both in the core and in the major.

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