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Early Childhood Education

An affordable path to quickly become a teacher’s assistant, library assistant, or daycare instructor. This associate’s program transfers to a bachelor’s degree.


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Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education

The Early Childhood Education program prepares students for transfer to education programs at four-year institutions. It provides students with fundamental knowledge, competencies, and skills necessary to teach by emphasizing contemporary theory and research. Students participate in diverse field experiences and receive the additional content preparation in mathematics and life, earth and physical science deemed necessary for educators of young children.

Estimated Annual Cost: $8,280

Cost estimate based on enrollment in 45 annual quarter hours with current Tuition and Fees. Cost includes fees for textbooks and materials.


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Career Paths

Daycare Instructor
Attend to children's needs while helping to foster early development.
Teacher's Assistant
Instruct young students in basic subjects in order to prepare them for future schooling.
Library Assistant
Maintain databases and records, help with events and activities, and catalogue new resources.

What You Will Learn


Students will examine and understand the issues facing schools in today’s diverse society, including socioeconomic distinctions, gender, race, ethnicity, special education and the changing standards for future educators.


Students will explain the implications of current issues and trends relating to the education profession community for classroom practice.


Students will analyze specific psychological theories by examining teaching and learning processes.

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Recent Grads

Concentration Courses

ISC 201 Life and Earth Sciences I 5qh

This early care education course is designed to enable P-5 teachers to develop a basic understanding of the scientific principles of the life and earth sciences. This course will utilize research-based techniques necessary to teach these concepts in order to meet the diverse needs of learners across P- 5 grade environments. Topics will include the characteristics of life, biodiversity, heredity, energy flow, interdependence of life, cellular structure and function, earth systems, astronomy, and the biosphere (*This course will not serve as a science lab course or as a science elective.)

ISC 202 Physical Science and Astronomy I 5qh

This early care education course is designed to enable P-5 teachers to develop a basic understanding of the scientific principles of the physical sciences and astronomy. The course with lab included will emphasize lecture material and hands-on experiences to enhance the quality and quantity of science taught to young students.

EDN 216 Exploring Socio-Cultural Perspective on Diversity in Educational Settings I 5qh

This course is designed to equip future teachers with the fundamental knowledge of understanding culture and teaching children from diverse backgrounds. Specifically, this course is designed to examine 1) the nature and function of culture; 2) the development of individual and group cultural identity; 3) definitions and implications of diversity, and 4) the influences of culture on learning, development, and pedagogy. This course has a required ten-hour field experience component. The field experience, in a public school, must be successfully completed in order to receive a passing grade in the course.

EDN 226 Investigating Critical and Contemporary Issues in Education I 5qh

This course engages students in observations, interactions, and analyses of critical and contemporary educational issues. Students will investigate issues influencing the social and political contexts of educational settings in Georgia and the United States. Students will actively examine the teaching profession from multiple vantage points both within and outside the school. Against this backdrop, students will reflect on and interpret the meaning of education and schooling in a diverse culture and examine the moral and ethical responsibilities of teaching in a democracy. This course has a required ten-hour field experience component. The field experience, in a public school, must be successfully completed in order to receive a passing grade in the course.

EDN 236 Teaching and Learning I 5qh

This course allows students to explore key aspects of learning and teaching. The students will examine their own learning processes and those of others, with the goal of applying this knowledge to enhance the learning of all students in a variety of educational settings and contexts. This course has a required ten- hour field experience component. The field experience, in a public school, must be successfully completed in order to receive a passing grade in the course.

MAT 208 Foundations of Numbers and Operations I 5qh

This course is an Area F introductory mathematics course for Early Childhood Education majors. This course will emphasize the understanding and use of the major concepts of number and operations. As a general theme, strategies of problem solving will be used and discussed in the context of various topics. This course may only be used to satisfy the Area F requirement for Early Childhood Education or General Studies majors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About This Program

Students graduating with an Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education are qualified to become paraprofessionals (with an exam), teacher assistants, library assistants, day care instructors, etc. In addition, students will amass transferrable skills in communication, time management, critical thinking, problem solving, planning/organization, leadership, and interpersonal skills. Students graduating with a 4-year degree in early childhood education and passing the Georgia Assessment for the Certification of Educators (GACE) exam (this type of test has a different name for each state)  will be qualified to teach in grades PreK-5th grade.

Degree Program Coordinator

Dr. Marty Cummings,

Program Benefits

Students with this degree may work as a day care instructor, tutor, GED instructor, vocational education instructor, pre-school instructor, be a presenter for a textbook or children’s toy company or an educational vendor/company. Students may obtain additional education (Master’s Degree, Specialist Degree, Doctorate Degree) or certificates in areas such as counseling, technology, media, English as a Second Language (ESOL), and special education in order to become school administrators, counselors, instructional technologists, librarians, ESOL teachers, or special education teachers.

Cost for the Degree

Average Annual Cost for this Degree:

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