Mission & Vision


The President’s Vision Statement

In its Vision 2029, GMC will be a nationally recognized leader providing a character-based higher education, improving students’ personal well-being and giving hope for a brighter future.  The vision is achieved by being accessible to any student desiring a character-based college-level education, being the best two-year college in the state of Georgia and among the top five in the nation, being nationally recognized as a “best value” college, being recognized as a military-friendly school, being nationally recognized in the top ten fastest-growing community colleges, being nationally recognized as a leader in the innovation and delivery of individual learning support services, being nationally recognized as a leader in the innovation of programs, and by increasing scholarship endowments to make education affordable.

Mission Statement

Georgia Military College builds on our military heritage grounded in our core values of Duty, Honor, and love of Country to provide hope and opportunity through individual growth and education of our students to develop their intellect and character as authentic servant leaders in an environment focused on elevating civility and respect for others. 

Our programs are guided by its strategic initiatives, otherwise known as “The Four Big Ideas”:

• Contribute to student success
• Create Pathways of Opportunity
• Think and act as one institution
• Invest in the future