President’s Message


Message from Our President

LtGen. William B. Caldwell, IVFor over 144 years, students have come to Georgia Military College to invest in an education that inspires, challenges and provides opportunities for their future career success. While here, students receive instruction designed to sharpen their intellect, instill leadership lessons and elevate their character. They’re inspired to ask questions, then challenged to explore solutions and hone their critical thinking skills. And from here, they’re prepared to explore a world of opportunities.

Inspiration, challenge and opportunities were the factors that attracted me so strongly to GMC.  Each day, I’m inspired and humbled by our students, whose diversity of gender and ethnicity are united by their common drive to create bright futures. They recognize that GMC offers the unique opportunity to steer their life’s journey in a positive direction.

I’m also inspired by the ability of our faculty to prepare these young men and women to achieve their goals, whatever those future goals may be. Without obligation to research or publish, our dedicated faculty focus on delivering instruction that’s engaging, enlightening and effective. They truly care about and connect with each and every student.

Going further, I’m impressed by GMC’s enrollment policy that will admit anyone with a high school education or GED; and then offer free tutoring, small class sizes and college preparation courses, all which provide students with a strong academic support network.  Beyond the classroom, GMC enriches every dimension of student life. Our Graduation Coaches provide assistance in financial aid, career planning, academic advising and counseling. Our dedicated Enrollment Coaches assist students in easily navigating the process to get started on their educati0n.

Looking ahead, it’s my challenge—and my privilege—to help guide GMC to the next level of excellence, while sustaining the school’s long-standing tradition of quality.

Our students have an energy and enthusiasm that fuels my own excitement about what lies ahead.

In 1879, a handful of students enrolled in GMC, most to pursue either a military path or agricultural studies.  In pursuit of limitless career options, more than 12,000 students attend GMC at our Main Campus in Milledgeville, our Global Online Leadership College, or one of our 8 satellite locations throughout Georgia.  Here, they’ve discovered an affordable education that sharpens their minds, broadens their perspectives and strengthens their character.  To borrow an inspiring phrase from the students themselves, they know that at GMC, you can “Start Here… Go Anywhere!”