What is an Online
Associate of Applied Science Degree?


Understanding Online Associates of Applied Science

Georgia Military College’s online Associate of Applied Science (AAS) programs are designed to provide our students maximum flexibility. Students with an AAS degree often choose to enter the workforce immediately upon completion of their degree. It makes a lot of sense for some students to use an online Applied Science degree as an immediate stepping stone into their new career path. Associate of Applied Science programs at GMC Global Online Leadership College allow students to keep their options open. Our regionally accredited programs facilitate easy transfer of college credits, as well as a seamless transition from online AAS programs to a four-year Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) degree programs.

Associates of Applied Science Degree Programs

Allied Health

The Associate of Applied Science in Allied Health Science degree program is designed to prepare students for entry positions in health careers or supporting roles. Students may complete this healthcare degree online or in person at one of our seven campuses. The degree includes liberal arts education in general studies and a focus on the biological sciences. Students will demonstrate skills in critical thinking, problem solving, and contemporary issues related to healthcare.

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Criminal Justice

GMC’s online Applied Science in Criminal Justice program is designed to prepare students for careers in law enforcement, emergency services, or the legal field. An online Applied Science degree in Criminal Justice also prepares students in other related fields like social work. Students will apply theories and practices of criminal justice to structuring, managing, directing, and controlling a variety of criminal justice agencies associated with police, courts and corrections. The Criminal Justice curriculum at GMC provides students the courses needed to fulfill the requirements of the core curriculum and degree requirements for the Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, or Associate in Applied Science degrees in Criminal Justice. GMC’s online college accredited Criminal Justice program provides a holistic approach to educating students – comprehensive skills and knowledge instruction, emphasis on character education and critical thinking.


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General Studies

The General Studies AAS program at GMC provides the basic framework of a classic liberal arts education. Students learn written communication, quantitative skills, global literacy, critical thinking, and problem solving in order to enable them to succeed in a Bachelor of Science (BAS) degree program when they transfer college credits to a four-year college or university and eventually as citizens.


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Information Systems and Analytics

The AAS in Information Systems and Analytics online associate degree program educates students in basic technical skills to create, control, and leverage information and data resources. Students study business intelligence, data mining, and “big data” management, and thereby contribute to the professions, communities, and organizations to which they belong. 


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Management Information Systems

The AAS in Management Information Systems program is a business-focused degree that educates students in business processes and computer information systems used within organizations to support decision-making and goals attainment. Students who complete this online applied science degree learn to thoughtfully participate in marketplace decisions and thereby contribute to the professions, communities, and organizations to which they belong.


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Operations Management

GMC’s online Applied Science degree in Operations Management teaches administration of business practices to create high levels of efficiency within an organization. Students learn how to convert materials and labor into goods and services as efficiently as possible to maximize organizational profits. 


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Technical Studies

The Technical Studies AAS degree program is designed to educate students in written communication, quantitative skills, global literacy, critical thinking, and problem solving in order to enable them to succeed at a transfer institution and as citizens. This degree program is specifically open to students who have already completed a minimum of 15 semester hours (sh) or 22.5 quarter hours (qh) of technical or occupational coursework that can be used as transfer credit in Area F of the degree program. Students in this degree program are advised to work closely with their Academic Advisor.


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Complete Your Bachelor Degree Faster

A typical student who has completed an Associate of Applied Science online will need five to six full-time quarters of study to complete an online accelerated bachelor’s degree program with GMC’s Global Online Leadership College. As with all degree programs, this varies based on each individual’s goals and timeline. For example, completing your online BAS degree in five to six quarters requires taking courses full-time, whereas taking courses on a part-time basis would mean your degree could take a bit longer. The number of quarters will also vary based on the number of your AAS/AAT course credits that transfer into the degree program, in addition to how many courses you wish to take each term. 

A Great Option for Military Students

An online applied science degree from GMC is one of the best online degree options for military families. GMC is an online college accredited with the SACSCOC. We understand the many responsibilities that members of our armed forces must balance. Family, service, and educational advancement all demand attention. We strive to offer flexible online military college degrees that allow you to complete your studies while honoring your commitments to country and family – and continue your studies by easy transfer of college credits to a four-year college or university. 

An Educational Stepping Stone

The Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree provides the educational background necessary for a chosen career field or profession and for transfer into career- oriented bachelor degree programs. While some four-year colleges offer the bachelor of applied science degree, many do not. Students completing the AAS degree who have decided to pursue a higher degree need to ensure their selected four-year college offers the Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) or similar degree in their concentration area prior to enrolling. All of GMC’s AAS degrees feed into online college accredited BAS degree programs.

Transfer Your Credits Anywhere

Our Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) degrees have been created for and tailored to fit the needs of our AAS graduates. We conduct a thorough review of the AAS coursework in our online associate degree programs and work in conjunction with experts in those fields from accredited technical colleges to make sure that every course that can transfer, in fact, does. If you intend to transfer to a school other than GMC, note that many colleges who do not offer the AAS degree may accept core curriculum course work on a course-by-course evaluation for transfer.